Polaris Philosophy

Polaris Sensor Technologies has an international reputation developed through creative individuals developing novel optical systems. These individuals complement one another and collaborate.

Working at Polaris

If you are looking for a challenge, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and consider yourself to be the very best in your field, please send us a resume to info@polarissensor.com.

Immediate Positions:

Scientist/Engineer Image Processing Algorithm Developer

Polaris Sensor Technologies is pleased to offer an opportunity to become a member of a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team working on the development of integration of novel sensors onto platforms. Product life cycles run from preliminary conceptual design to established implementation and testing. Our systems, which may include polarimeters, multi-spectral sensors and systems with advanced tracking algorithms, collect real-time imagery resulting in vast amounts of data. We are seeking an Image Processing Algorithm Developer to optimize our software’s ability to reduce the data, perform 3D rendering with little or no registration marks, removal of high fidelity distortion, and use software analysis for both laboratory and field test data. The successful candidate will be knowledgeable in image processing (advanced knowledge is considered a plus).

We seek to optimize our software to use cues, features, landmarks, and learn to identify regions of interest in real-time. Solid background in computer science and mathematics is required. Strong theoretical and practical foundation in problem-solving, image processing, image enhancement, and pattern recognition are needed. Have the capability and desire to learn new software techniques and mathematical algorithms.

Must work independently with self-driven organizational skills yet possess strong cross-functional teamwork attributes. Interfacing will be required between hardware and software engineers and management, as well as possible interaction with customers and/or vendors.

Software experience with any of the following is desirable: Python, C, C++, Matlab

Key Skills

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Neural networks
  • Digital image processing
  • Hardware implementation of algorithms for real-time processing
  • Infrared experience (a plus)

Bachelor or Master’s degree in Math, Computer Science, Physics, or Engineering will be considered.


New-Product Electrical Engineer

Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc., conceives, develops, and validates technologies for new products in the field of electro-optics. Bringing these technologies from the early development stage to Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) requires knowledge of circuit designs, connectors, components, shielding, etc. to help assure successful EMI/EMC and other rigorous third-party testing.


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated capability in communication bus architectures (e.g., CAN, RS232, RS485, etc.), microcontrollers, microprocessors, FPGAs, and memory chips. Circuit design for optical/infrared detectors is a plus. The ideal candidate will also have demonstrated capability to

  • work as part of a highly motivated team,
  • design for manufacturability,
  • shepherd products through successful mil-spec testing,
  • contribute to the software development (C language variants a plus),
  • contribute to the mechanical effort,
  • provide leadership in locating and working with production, and
  • identify and transition products to third-party production for LRIP.

Business Developer

Polaris Sensor Technologies is pleased to offer an opportunity to become a member of a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team integrating of novel sensors onto platforms. Product life cycles run from conceptual design to implementation and testing. The successful individual will specifically contribute to our commercialization efforts.

Polaris Sensor Technologies is looking for a talented individual with an optical science background to develop business opportunities by transitioning our technologies and products into the commercial marketplace. We are seeking someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven track record for building business opportunities. In the key position, you will work closely with product development teams to implement business development initiatives that maximize and grow revenue for the company.

Responsibilities include:

  • Expansion in new markets and continued expansion among existing clients.
  • Identify and help develop strategic relationships with partners or potential customers.
  • Creating, negotiating, and closing commercial agreements.

Advanced degree required.