Polaris Sensor Technologies is developing electro-optical sensor prototypes for military and civilian applications. These prototypes are developed in-house with current vendors that may or may not have the capability of large-scale production. The company seeks partners and vendors to commercialize this technology. We seek:

  • Larger volume/lower priced options for electrical and mechanical manufacturing
  • PCB/optomechanical and electronics assembly through to acceptance testing

Source selection:

  • A walk through a typical piece of hardware developed by a vendor
  • Typical tolerances involved in an assembly
  • Minimum order size and lead time

Vendor Call

Polaris is looking for qualified suppliers to accept completed designs, perform manufacturing services and validate product performance to design specifications.

Vendor Requirements
• Registered as a Manufacturer with the Department of State (Export-Controlled Technology)
• Custom electronics manufacturing, electro-optical assembly, and testing.
Customer-focused supplier to provide quality validated and certified products placing a high value on continuous improvement. Quality Management System certification or compliance is desired.

Vendor Response

Please send a capabilities statement to info@polarissensor.com