Electro-Optical Expertise

Polaris employs electro-optical engineers with years of experience integrating optical systems with detector arrays and image processing electronics. Our team focuses on delivering electro-optical systems with very low noise and high accuracy over the entire optical spectrum. Polaris’ offerings include polarimeters, multi-spectral imagers, thermal imaging, and high-definition 3D cameras and displays. Our specific capabilities include:

  • Detector and camera readout circuitry and processing
  • Detector and camera communication and control
  • Stage and motor control
  • Zoom and focus control
  • Cryogenic feedback and control
  • Optical illumination
  • Simultaneous frame capture
  • Frame capture circuitry and processing
  • Video streaming and storage

Opto-Mechanical Expertise

Our optomechanical engineers are well-versed in developing solutions for complex, custom optical systems. Polaris’ staff comprises multiple optomechanical engineers who have spent years designing optics mounts, sensor housings, and positional systems to meet our customers’ needs. Specific capabilities include:

  • Custom optical mount design and fabrication
  • Sensor housing design and fabrication
  • Motor and positioning stage system design
  • Cryogenic optomechanical design
  • Vacuum system design
  • Weather and environmental hardening
  • Custom Cabling
  • Thermal modeling and design