Polaris’ strength has always been a thorough understanding of polarization phenomenology and the capability to design and build unique sensors to detect and exploit the polarized nature of light. We specialize in the development of polarimetric imaging sensors and realtime image processing software to extract added information from a scene. Our polarization capabilities include:

  • Polarimeter architecture design
  • Polarimeter design and fabrication
  • Polarimeter calibration
  • Polarimeter characterization
  • Polarization image processing including real-time algorithms
  • Full and partial Stokes polarimeter development
  • Mueller matrix polarimeter development
  • Multi-spectral polarimeter development
  • Fusion of multiple wavebands including LW, MW, SW, and visible
  • Phenomenology research
  • Scattering effects modeling

If you are interested in one of our currently fielded polarimeters or a custom solution just contact our research team at anytime.