White Papers

Comparing a MWIR and LWIR polarimetric imager for surface swimmer detection (Download White Paper)

Infrared spectropolarimetry (Download White Paper)

Mueller matrix dual-rotating retarder polarimeter (Download White Paper)

An imaging spectro-polarimeter for measuring hemispherical spectrally resolved down-welling sky polarization (Download White Paper)

Pyxis® handheld polarimetric imager (Download White Paper)

IR polarimetric signatures (Download White Paper)

An infrared polarized scene generator for
hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) testing (Download White Paper)

Polarization signature research (Download White Paper)

A Dual Wave Infrared Imaging Polarimeter (Download White Paper)

IR Polarimetric Sensing of Oil on Water 2018 (Download White Paper)

Review of passive imaging polarimetry for remote sensing applications (Download White Paper)

Wave slope measurement using imaging polarimetry (Download White Paper)

IR polarimetric sensing of oil on water (Download White Paper)

Detection of obscured targets with IR polarimetric imaging (Download White Paper)

Using atmospheric polarization patterns for azimuth sensing (Download White Paper)

Investigating clutter reduction for unmanned systems applications using imaging polarimetry (Download White Paper)

Autonomous runway damage detection through deep learning (Download White Paper)

Study of Natural Down-welling Sky Light with Imaging Spectro-polarimeter (Download White Paper)


Title US Patent Number Comments/Status  
Capsaicinoid Smoke US 2017/0267602 A1 Granted September 21, 2017 Download
Low Flame Smoke U.S. Non-Provisional 9,617,195 Issued April 11, 2017 Download
Polarization-based Mapping and Perception System and Method Non-Provisional (CIP) 9,589,195 Issued March 7, 2017 Download
Pedestrian Right of Way Monitoring and Reporting System and Method Non-Provisional 9,436,877 Issued September 6, 2016 Download
Wide-Area Real-Time Method for Detecting Foreign Fluids on Water Surfaces U.S. Non-Provisional 9,528,929 Issued December 27, 2016 Download
Sky Polarization and Sun Sensor (SkyPASS) System and Method U.S. Non-Provisional 9,423,484 Issued August 23, 2016 Download
System for Measuring the Concentration of an Additive in a Mixture US9194858 B2 Issued November 24, 2015 Download
Rotation Stage Design D694,264 Issued November 20, 2013 Download
Optically Redundant Fire Detector for False Alarm Rejection 8,547,238 Granted October 1, 2013 Download
System for Measuring the Concentration of an Additive in a Mixture U.S. Non-Provisional 9,194,858 Issued Download
Polarization Imaging for Facial Recognition Enhancment U.S. Non-Provisional 14/602,823 Claims allowed Download
Pyxis LWIR U.S. Non-Provisional Application 14/854,326 Allowed Download
Apparatus for Flame Discrimination Utilizing Long Wavelength Pass Filters and Related Method 8,227,756 Granted Download

Other patents pending