In order to effectively deliver quality imaging systems, Polaris carefully calibrates and characterizes each of our sensor products before they are shipped to our customers. Polaris has developed a series of precise techniques for calibrating a wide range of optical sensor systems. In particular, our staff has developed processes to calibrate the following types of sensors:

  • Cameras (Visible, LW, MW, SW)
  • Stereo camera systems
  • Multi-spectral imagers
  • Polarimeters
  • Optics (polarizers, filters, lenses, windows, cold plates)
  • Thermal systems

Our skills for calibrating these types of sensors include:

  • Detector performance characterization
  • Noise measurement (SNR calculation)
  • Stray light measurement
  • Distortion correction/removal
  • Detector alignment
  • Image registration
  • Non-uniformity correction
  • Polarimetric calibration
  • Radiometric calibration

If you have a sensor that needs characterization, calibration, or correction, our staff is ready to help.