A U.S. Researchers develop new infrared camera for drones to detect threats

Army SBIR-funded project could enhance the military’s capabilities to detect and identify hidden threats to soldiers by improving how drones perceive the world. Scientists at Polaris Sensor Technologies have developed a specialized infrared (IR) camera that incorporates polarization sensitivity, making it easier to find targets camouflaged in natural clutter than with thermal imaging alone.A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! See More, Know More.

Video: A picture is worth a thousand words. See More, Know More with our technology.

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  1. Very use useful tool for drones. Please notify me concerning cost and availability of your camera. Would like to help using your camera in inspection of roads and bridges.

    • Indeed, it is very useful for drones. In fact, we have an ongoing collaboration with SkyScape to put Pyxis on their drones. We do have a current project for using Pyxis to inspect runways. I think we can help you!

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