Founded in 2003, Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. is a leading electro-optic sensor developer exploiting a fundamental phenomenon of light, called polarization, to reveal details undetected by other imaging devices. Our research has resulted in the development of novel imaging sensors in wavebands of light from the visible to the longwave infrared. These polarization imagers solve difficult detection and imaging issues for military and commercial applications. Our enhanced polarization imagers are designed to operate in a specific waveband or a combination of wavebands best suited for the application. Starting with only scientific concepts, we have delivered highly-specialized sensors funded by the military that has evolved into laboratory instruments as well as small, rugged prototype systems suitable for agriculture, construction, surveillance and inspection, and target acquisition and tracking. Advanced algorithms and calibration software enable the systems to operate beyond the performance of traditional cameras. Today, commercial off the shelf products are being field tested and readied for the commercial market.

Polaris is a prime governmental contractor with wholly owned subsidiaries focused on commercializing a number of its technologies, including fire detectors, smoke grenades, and imaging polarimeters. Knowflame and Knowmore, Inc. are purposefully formed to accept investment, ease exports, and contract and price with flexibility. When the time is right, we move quickly into the commercial markets. For this reason, we seek external partners to develop novel and high-value products. Be the first to embrace new technology, be an early adopter, a market disruptor, and lead with our assistance.


Why focus on Polarization?

Polarization is a fundamental property of light not readily utilized in commercial cameras. Polarization can add range, improve specificity and provide details not delivered by other imaging technologies. The polarization signature of man-made objects and certain natural substances are different than the surrounding background, thus providing additional contrast in polarization imagery when compared to standard thermal or visible imagery. For this reason, objects that blend into the background when using standard thermal and visible cameras often stand out in polarization imagery.

Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. has been an industry leader, designer and developer of imaging systems providing daylight detail in the dark as well as visibility in low contrast conditions for military and scientific entities.

Polarization Expertise

Polaris’ strength has always been a thorough understanding of polarization phenomenology and the capability to design and build unique sensors to detect and exploit the polarized nature of light. We specialize in the development of polarimetric imaging sensors and real-time image processing software to extract added information from a scene. Our polarization capabilities include:

  • Polarimeter architecture design
  • Polarimeter design and fabrication
  • Polarimeter calibration
  • Polarimeter characterization
  • Polarization image processing including real-time algorithms
  • Full and partial Stokes polarimeter development
  • Mueller matrix polarimeter development
  • Multi-spectral polarimeter development
  • Fusion of multiple wavebands including LW, MW, SW, and visible
  • Phenomenology research
  • Scattering effects modeling

Electro-Optical Expertise

Polaris employs electro-optical engineers with years of experience integrating optical systems with detector arrays and image processing electronics. Our team focuses on delivering electro-optical systems with very low noise and high accuracy over the entire optical spectrum. Polaris’ offerings include polarimeters, multi-spectral imagers, thermal imaging, and high-definition 3D cameras and displays. Our specific capabilities include:

  • Detector and camera readout circuitry and processing
  • Detector and camera communication and control
  • Stage and motor control
  • Zoom and focus control
  • Cryogenic feedback and control
  • Optical illumination
  • Simultaneous frame capture
  • Frame capture circuitry and processing
  • Video streaming and storage

Opto-Mechanical Expertise

Our optomechanical engineers are well-versed in developing solutions for complex, custom optical systems. Polaris’ staff comprises multiple optomechanical engineers who have spent years designing optics mounts, sensor housings, and positional systems to meet our customers’ needs. Specific capabilities include:

  • Custom optical mount design and fabrication
  • Sensor housing design and fabrication
  • Motor and positioning stage system design
  • Cryogenic optomechanical design
  • Vacuum system design
  • Weather and environmental hardening
  • Custom Cabling
  • Thermal modeling and design

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Guide to Awarding Sole-Source Contracts in the WOSB Program

Section 825 of the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act provided agencies with statutory authority to award sole-source contracts to women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) through the WOSB Federal Contract Program in certain NAICS codes. Polaris Sensor Technologies operates within these specially designated codes Research and Development 54712 and Engineering Services 541330. Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. is a certified woman-owned small business.