Autonomous vehicles are expected to be a major force in the automobile market in the next 20-30 years. In order to provide a reliable autonomous navigation solution, there are many problems that must be solved. Traditional thermal cameras find it difficult to aid in pathfinding and obstacle avoidance.


With Pyxis®, the road is clearly defined regardless of shadow or illumination during night or day. Using this sensor, the roadway has consistent contrast with the surrounding natural area, the centerline markings, and the shoulder of the road.

At night, headlights can be used to illuminate the road ahead, but this solution is problematic for human drivers because it is difficult to distinguish roadway, obstacles, and other vehicles at a distance. When traveling through winding roads at speeds greater than 40mph, distance becomes important. Thermal imagery is not limited by distance, but the roadway is “washed out” and loses contrast with the surrounding trees, grass, and dirt.