Locating and tracking hostile forces is a top priority for the Department of Defense, Federal Intelligence Agencies, Department of Homeland Security, and the Justice Department. A large part of finding targets is gathering information to identify a pattern of behavior to better protect against any impending threats, but enemy targets are not the only people who need to be searched for. Lost hikers, victims of kidnapping, and other missing individuals are in need of being found to be brought back to safety. Searching in the visible spectrum is only effective when done during daylight hours, but even then it can miss several signs that would be caught with other modes of detection. Radio frequency based location methods are successful but are unable to provide eyes on intelligence.


Electro-optical tagging technologies are quickly emerging as a demonstrated alternative to radio frequency based technologies with the advantage of being able to visually locate, tag, and track a person or object of interest. Taggant Identification Pod – Night Vision (TIP-NV) is a device that attaches to the front of a standard military night vision scope. When viewing the target scene, the device selectively filters the taggant into and out of the scene thus causing the tag to flash at the operator. The flashing effect decreases the time it takes to acquire the target and provides a verifiable means to identify the tagged target.


  • Lightweight, ruggedized, and waterproof
  • Utilizes Polaris’ eTherm technology to capture IR and polarized data
  • Is compatible with standard issue night vision scopes like the PVS-14


A taggant is a nonreactive substance that may be traced in a subtle or covert way. Taggants can be chemical or physical markers, software signatures, or anti-counterfeiting measures. While most materials appear the same in infrared as they do in visible, Polaris has developed a taggant that is completely invisible to Visible (VIS) sensors while it provides a stark contrast to Near InfraRed (NIR) sensors. Once the taggant is perfected a sensor is custom built to alternate back and forth between VIS and NIR to create flashing effects that draw attention to the person or vehicle that has been marked.


Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice