Smoke grenades produce smoke by igniting a pyrotechnic chemical reaction inside of a canister and releasing the resulting smoke through holes in the top and bottom of the canister. The device is a high temperature fire hazard. In the presence of combustibles, dangerous chemicals during drug raids, or when a warfighter needs an obscurant, a safe, low temperature, less toxic, smoke product for any user, any bystander,  that preserves property would be valuable.


Polaris’ CoolSmoke ® produces large white scattering clouds with a low temperature, non-incendiary reaction. CoolSmoke ® is initiated with heat not a flame. The dispensing time, and smoke output compares favorably to current industry leaders. The CoolSmoke ® chemistry can be initiated under water, thrown, or launched. The chemistry is not toxic and well suited for crowd control, military obscurants, leak detection, entertainment and novel applications,


  • Electronic initiated chemical reaction
  • No sparking or pyrotechnics
  • Non toxic, low temperature
  • Novel Chemistry that is a mechanism to carry other molecules like a disinfectant or capsaicin.


CoolSmoke ® is an Army Phase II SBIR technology emerging from our laboratories. The resulting low temperature smoke chemical formulation has lead to a number of patents. The smoke has been tested in many different climates and environments developing applications in markets that widely vary to include commercial and military applications.