Smoke grenades produce smoke by igniting a chemical reaction inside of a canister and releasing the resulting smoke through holes in the top and bottom of the canister. The ignition that sets off this process makes smoke grenades a fire hazard, or worse, an explosive hazard given the right environment. In the presence of dangerous chemicals during drug raids, or when a warfighter is attempting to signal an incoming aircraft, removing the ignition from a smoke grenade would mean safety for the user as well as any innocent bystanders and their property.


Polaris’s CoolSmoke® produces large smoke clouds with a non-incendiary reaction. The fuse for CoolSmoke® is non-pyrotechnic and does not produce any sparks. The ignition time, discharge time, and smoke output compares favorably to current industry leaders. The CoolSmoke® grenade can be dropped in water, thrown, or launched and has practical applications in law enforcement, military, entertainment/gaming, and as an insecticide. These capabilities add safety without detracting from the quality of the product, and it can cost as little as half the current price for a smoke grenade produced by current industry leaders.


  • Cool burning chemical reaction
  • No sparking or pyrotechnics
  • Low toxicity smoke with NO carcinogens
  • Environmentally friendly and available in a biodegradable canister


CoolSmoke® was generated by Polaris for an STTR in a collaborative effort with the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Louisiana State University. The resulting low temperature smoke chemical formulation was patented by Polaris. The smoke has been tested in many different climates and environments across the United States and has been evaluated by the U.S. Army, the Louisiana Mosquito Board, and the USDA for various different applications.