Visible Polarimeters

The visible spectrum is any wavelength of light that can be seen, unaided, by the human eye. Visible light cameras are used for general purpose photography and videography but are only effective when used in well-lit areas. One major advantage of visible light cameras is that they have become much more advanced since they have been around much longer than IR cameras. Polarization of visible light has several applications from polarized sunglasses and 3D glasses to applications in geology, chemistry, and astronomy.

  • Sol Polarimetric Imager



  • Ursa Visible Polarimetric Imager



  • Ursa High Speed Visible Polarimetric Imager

    Ursa High Speed


  • Ursa High Res Visible Polarimetric Imager

    Ursa High Res


  • Indus Visible Polarimetric Imager



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