The Sky Polarization Azimuth Sensing System, SkyPASS®, provides mission-critical, highly-accurate attitude information regardless of GPS accessibility in a low-power, low-cost, extremely small form factor. SkyPASS finds North with less than 2-mil accuracy and has considerable military and commercial impact as a navigation, localization, and targeting aid. The system is passive, does not require time to initialize, and is well suited for air, land, sea, and weapon platforms.

SkyPASS has been tested on static and dynamic platforms, in high latitudes, and in custom sensor packages.

SkyPASS Capabilities

GPS-Denied Navigation

Far Target Locator

Features & Benefits

  • Less than 2-mil heading accuracy
  • Calculates absolute heading
  • Low SWaP
  • No start-up delay
  • No set up or leveling
  • Not affected by magnetic disturbances
  • Driftless
  • Spoof-proof

Integration Platforms

  • Planes
  • UAVs
  • Ships
  • AUGVs
  • Munitions
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Far Target Locator

Using Polarization to Navigate

Sky polarization is an upper atmosphere phenomenon observable from any point on Earth or from any aerial platform. In the diagram, the time of day is shown at the top of each polarization map, the Sun is shown as a small, yellow disc, and the center of each plot is zenith. Using advanced algorithms and optics, SkyPASS is able to detect and decipher the polarization map of the sky to compute highly accurate heading.