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Daylight Detail in the Dark

When it’s your job to recognize a threat, you need a partner that’s always on guard. Choose IRIS™ for cutting-edge facial recognition–anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Facial Recognition

Precision in the Dark

IRIS captures facial images that are just as detailed as visible-light photographs in daylight or darkness. It’s highly effective for nighttime surveillance and security operations.

Covert, Long Standoff Operation

IRIS is covert so it won’t draw attention from people you need to identify. It provides accurate infrared-to-visible facial recognition at long ranges–100 to 500 meters.

IR to Vis Matching Using Existing Databases

IRIS captures highly detailed infrared images and matches them to visible images in existing databases.

Adaptive Surveillance and Security

Highly Customizable

IRIS can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs. It can be mounted for continuous surveillance or carried anywhere you need to go.


The adversary doesn’t always come to you. That’s why we made IRIS small enough to take with you on field surveillance missions.

Automated Acquisition and Tracking Option

IRIS works around the clock to keep your location secure. With its automated acquisition and tracking option, IRIS can find, identify, and track persons of interest as they move.

IRIS: Your Ultimate Solution for Real-Time Facial Recognition

The Problem with Conventional Thermal Imaging

In surveillance and security settings, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of faces from a long distance or in the dark.

For nighttime identification, thermal imaging is typically used. However, thermal images of human faces do not usually provide enough contrast for recognition algorithms to work.

How IRIS Sees Differently

IRIS uses enhanced infrared imaging to capture details of a person’s face in any lighting condition, even at long range. By using novel infrared (IR) technologies, IRIS can see details that would remain hidden with conventional IR imagers.

IRIS uses onboard facial recognition software to quickly and accurately match these images to standard visible images in existing databases.

IRIS can be used continuously without drawing attention, making it the perfect solution for covert operations. The automated acquisition and tracking option allows it to find and follow persons of interest up to 500 meters away.

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iris-female-iris-ir iris-female-standard-ir

Technical Specifications

Parts Legend
1 Star Channel
2 Sun/Moon Channel
3 Sky Polarization Channel
4 Cable Connection
SkyPASS Gen3-P1SkyPASS Gen3SkyPASS Gen3-N
Optical SensorsPolarizationPolarization, SunPolarization, Sun/Moon, Star
Time of DayLimited Daytime, Civil/Nautical TwilightDaytime, Civil/Nautical TwilightDaytime, Civil/Nautical Twilight, Night
Sky ConditionsFull Operation in Clear Skies, Limited Operation or Degraded Accuracy in Haze/Fog/Clouds
EnvironmentalDesigned to IP67
Heading Accuracy (static)<2 mil (0.11º)
Heading Resolution0.2 mil (0.01º)
Heading Accuracy (dynamic)<4 mil (0.23º)
Roll/Pitch Accuracy<4 mil (0.02º)
Size - L x W x H (in)1.49 x 1.49 x 1.183.5 x 1.9 x 2.44.1 x 3.9 x 3.2
Weight (oz)1.76820
Max Measurement Frequency (Hz)-1
Power Draw (W)-4.1
Input Voltage (VDC)-5
Interface-RS232, RS422
Note: Required inputs to calculate heading include position accurate to within 1km and time accurate to within 1s
1. Single optical channel; does not include embedded processor (designed to be integrated in host system with external pitch/roll sensor)
*Specifications subject to change; SkyPASS is Export Controlled
IRIS is ITAR-Free.

Real-Time Facial Recognition

24/7 Operation
Long Standoff Operation
Instant Facial Recognition
Uses Existing Databases
Acquisition and Tracking Option

IRIS in Action

Whether you're conducting surveillance, monitoring high-security areas, or investigating criminal activity, IRIS is a reliable and effective solution that can help you know who you’re up against and determine your next move.

Law Enforcement
IRIS helps you keep your nighttime surveillance mission covert. It’s man-portable, so you can take it wherever you need to go.
Border Security
When it’s your job to keep the border secure, you can count on IRIS to quickly find and identify persons of interest or foreign intelligence entities so you know who to stop. It can also be mounted for continuous border surveillance.
Military Operations
You need to recognize possible adversaries to complete your mission. Perfect for covert nighttime and long-range identification, IRIS helps you see who’s there so you know your next move.
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Whether you manage a power plant, data center, or hospital, people are counting on you to keep the area secure. IRIS is always on guard to keep your facility safe from intruders and protect your most valuable assets.
Transportation Security
Whether you’re in charge of security at an airport or a train station, you need to identify potential threats. IRIS works 24/7 to help you take action before departure.
Prison Security
Keeping your prison secure is your top priority. IRIS can act as a sentry system to help you protect your prison grounds in case of intruders, unauthorized access, or other security breaches.

IRIS Partners

You need to know who you’re up against. See how IRIS can support your mission.

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IRIS is a cutting-edge surveillance technology that utilizes infrared imaging for facial recognition and identification in day and night conditions.

IRIS captures infrared images of faces and uses advanced algorithms to analyze facial features and match them against existing databases of stored faces for identification. It works day or night and at long range, up to 500 meters.

The main features of IRIS include high-quality day or nighttime infrared imaging, real-time facial recognition, database integration, optional acquisition and tracking, and man portability.

Yes, IRIS is designed to work in a wide range of lighting conditions, including day and night, making it suitable for 24/7 surveillance operations.

IRIS boasts high accuracy rates in facial recognition, with industry-leading algorithms that ensure reliable results in various scenarios.

Yes, IRIS is a covert surveillance system that operates without emitting detectable light, making it ideal for discreet monitoring in sensitive or covert operations.

IRIS can be used for various applications, including law enforcement, border security, military operations, critical infrastructure protection, and public safety.

If you already have a security or surveillance system, we offer custom solutions to enhance its capability and performance.

The benefits of using IRIS include enhanced surveillance capabilities in day and night conditions, high-accuracy facial recognition, covert operation, and portability, making it an advanced and reliable choice for various security and surveillance applications.

IRIS operates in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations, and proper privacy protocols should be followed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Yes, IRIS is available for purchase. to learn more about pricing and availability.

Your Mission is Our Mission

Polaris is here to help you solve challenging problems with cutting-edge technology. We will design, develop, and manufacture the solution you need to complete your mission.

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