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Dry Mist to Obscure, Deter, or Disinfect

Whether you need to create a smoke screen, detect a leak, or kill bacteria or virus, CoolSmoke® dry mist is suitable for use anywhere for safer, superior coverage without harm to staff, sensitive materials, optics, or electronics.

CoolSmoke Demonstration

CoolSmoke emits no flames, sparks, or flammable vapors.

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CoolSmoke Overview

CoolSmoke was initially developed for the US Army as a safer obscurant. It was formulated to carry capsaicin and other chemicals as a lacrimatory gas for DHS, SWAT, and police operations.

A few grams and a short electric pulse in a vape pen like device instantly generates a highly visible white mist that is non-flammable, making it a better alternative for training and for both indoor and outdoor use.

CoolSmoke is a paste that can be packaged to suit your needs:

  • Grenade Form: Available as a throwable, launchable, drone or vehicle deployed countermeasure, CoolSmoke can be deployed among combustibles, delivered by drone, initiated in water, to cover any area for precise deployment. The mist is low toxicity with an odor and slight irritant as side effects. It is far superior to existing toxic alternatives.
  • Disinfecting Cartridge: Deployed as a CleanSmoke® mist the Army is developing a formula for forward emergency medical applications. The CleanSmoke® kills all viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus that cause infections. It is safe to use by untrained personnel to disinfect supplies and medical equipment. CleanSmoke®

CoolSmoke can loft organic molecules carrying them to new applications and through narrow channels and to fill complex spaces.

CoolSmoke Customizations


CoolSmoke + Capsaicin = SpicySmoke

This powerful combination creates a persistent pepper-cloud effect. SpicySmoke is a useful tool to stop a threat for law enforcement and tactical military operations in perimeter defense and to clear areas. SpicySmoke impacts airways with the organic irritant. It is neutrally buoyant and washes away with water.


CoolSmoke + Disinfectant = CleanSmoke

CleanSmoke is suitable for high-level disinfection of large areas and soft surfaces. It is useful in offices and warehouses without the cost or labor in a fraction of the time it would take to wipe down every surface.

Safe and Easy to Use

Safer than Alternatives

CoolSmoke is not comprised of carcinogens. It is not initiated with a pyrotechnic like alternatives. It is dry and does not require propellant. It is an electrically initiated self-propelling white mist for a new special effect.

Easy to Use

CoolSmoke can be placed on a variety of surfaces (including paper) and activated without causing damage. Less than 20 grams achieves six cubic meters of white mist that is persistent for up to an hour. It can be removed by venting to an outdoor space or being passed through a carbon filter.

Multiple Delivery Devices

CoolSmoke can be packaged in a number of form factors. CoolSmoke has a shelf life of years. It is unaffected by humidity, heat or cold.

Low Risk

CoolSmoke can be used safely in locations where conventional grenades or tear gasses could cause a fire such as in housing, on grassy fields where damage must be minimized.

Does Not Burn or Mar Surfaces

CoolSmoke aerosol is not combustible nor does it mar surfaces. The reaction is initiated with an electric heat pulse, not a flame. It can be easily placed wherever you need to achieve the desired effect.

Quickly Fills a Large Area

It takes CoolSmoke® just minutes to fill a space. You can increase the fill time by changing the CoolSmoke package and increase the volume of the mist by increasing the amount of CoolSmoke activated. 20 grams of smoke fills over six cubic meters (210 cubic feet).

3KG of Coolsmoke Material is initiated in an open pan with an electronic fuse

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CoolSmoke in Action

CoolSmoke is easy to carry and use in a variety of situations for crowd control, training, disinfection and more.

Smoke Screen
  • Emergency Relief Personnel Training
  • Disaster Response Training
  • Perimeter Defense
Leak Detection
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Automotive
  • Pressure Vessels
  • GloveBoxes

Resources & FAQ

Download resources to learn more.
CoolSmoke is a cost-effective, low-toxicity, flameless self-generating dry mist developed for various applications, including marker, screen, and entertainment smoke or fog. It can also be used to disperse organic molecules throughout a space.
CoolSmoke creates a smoke-like mist that can be used as a marker, obscurant, or to disperse other substances like cleaning agents and capsaicin.
CoolSmoke is activated at a low temperature of 160 degrees, and it does not require a flame. It can be initiated on paper.
CoolSmoke has a low toxicity and is safe for use in various environments, including grassy fields and enclosed spaces.
CoolSmoke side effects are an odor and slight irritant. It is safe for humans to use and is far superior to existing toxic alternatives.
CoolSmoke can be packaged as a paste, in a tube for extrusion and activation, or as a grenade for deployment by hand or launching into the desired area. It can also be made into a soft gel if that is preferred for your application.
CoolSmoke has a shelf life of years, ensuring its effectiveness over an extended period.
Yes, CoolSmoke is suitable for training scenarios where a safe, visible smoke is needed for simulation purposes.
Yes, CoolSmoke’s parameters, including color, smell, and other characteristics, can be customized based on specific needs.
Yes, CoolSmoke was initially developed for the U.S. Army to provide a safer alternative to traditional smokes in SWAT and police operations.
CoolSmoke® can persist for up to an hour in enclosed spaces.

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