Jacob Walsh obtained his B.S. in Computer Engineering at UAH in 2005 and has been working as a software engineer. We welcomed Jacob to our team in late September to assist on our new hypersonic project. Thank you, Jacob, for choosing us and being such a […]
Ricky recently finished his Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at Auburn University where he also obtained his M.S. in Physics. We welcomed Ricky to our team in May to assist on our new hypersonic project. Thank you, Ricky, for choosing us and being such a big help […]
Polaris Sensor Technologies will be exhibiting at Clean Waterways and Clean Gulf later this year. Come join us and see what we’re all about! Clean Waterways September 13 – September 15 Louisville, KY – Galt House Hotel Come meet John Rauseo, our Pyxis&#174 Sales Manager. He […]
Congratulations SkyScape! Congratulations to American Aerospace’s SkyScape! We have partnered with them to create an oil response solution called OSCAR that uses our sensor Pyxis. SkyScape has been recognized as 1 of the top 5 oil spill solutions by StartUs Insights. We look forward to continuing […]
We are Hiring! Polaris Sensor Technologies has an international reputation developed through a collaborative team of creative individuals developing novel optical systems. We continually seek various skill sets to support and manage novel optical system developments for commercial and military detection and tracking systems. If you […]
Emergency Response We Deliver Enhanced Thermal Pyxis on a drone flew three passes overlooked marina wreckage and marsh 36 hours after a devastating fire.  EMA had booms in place to contain contaminants and concerns about  the marsh where their boats could not go. Pyxis found substantial […]
 Corvus LWIR Sensor is Featured Polarized thermal light gives soldiers detailed night vision. (MILITARY) David Szondy September 27th, 2018 Researchers demonstrate an example of human identification using conventional and polarimetric thermal cameras(Credit: US Army Research Laboratory). A new thermal imaging system being developed for the US Army […]
    Application Example: Far Target Location At long ranges Azimuth Errors have largest contribution to overall FTL error Drift in heading degrades position solutions Magnetic compasses are unreliable due to local, unknown variations in magnetic field Celestial methods are not always available Sky Polarization Sensor: […]