At the new year we welcomed John Shearer as our very first Systems Engineer. He is bringing his software and electrical engineering background to assist our aero-optic hypersonics project. Glad to have you on board, John! #welcome #newhire #teamwork
We are excited to announce that Larry Pezzaniti and Adam Smith were each awarded a Phase I project through AFWERX. Larry adds polarimetry to thermal imagery for detecting targets, and Adam is combining polarimetry and holography to characterize optical elements at a new level. #newproject #polarizedlight
Polaris is proud of the charitable endeavors of Michele Banish and Ashton Bertrand. Polaris supported these ladies by funding the social media campaigns. As Directors of the Rosé Society, these ladies raised over $100,000 to benefit Local North Alabama Charities. During the last 3 years, our business women focused […]
Dr. Saeid Asadzadeh et al. recognized our sensor Pyxis as a state-of-the-art option for environmental monitoring. The Pyxis’s hybrid IR/polarimetric sensing adds capability to IR alone. Thank you, Saeid, for including us in your review of drone-based sensing.
Polaris would like to welcome Anne-Marie Dorsett who joined our team this week. Anne-Marie is an experienced aero-optics engineer and program manager who has been supporting the advancement of our nation’s hypersonic capability for the past 25 years. Starting in the 90s, she supported the AEDC Hypervelocity Wind […]
Jacob Walsh obtained his B.S. in Computer Engineering at UAH in 2005 and has been working as a software engineer. We welcomed Jacob to our team in late September to assist on our new hypersonic project. Thank you, Jacob, for choosing us and being such a […]
Ricky recently finished his Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at Auburn University where he also obtained his M.S. in Physics. We welcomed Ricky to our team in May to assist on our new hypersonic project. Thank you, Ricky, for choosing us and being such a big help […]
Polaris Sensor Technologies will be exhibiting at Clean Waterways and Clean Gulf later this year. Come join us and see what we’re all about! Clean Waterways September 13 – September 15 Louisville, KY – Galt House Hotel Come meet John Rauseo, our Pyxis&#174 Sales Manager. He […]
Congratulations SkyScape! Congratulations to American Aerospace’s SkyScape! We have partnered with them to create an oil response solution called OSCAR that uses our sensor Pyxis. SkyScape has been recognized as 1 of the top 5 oil spill solutions by StartUs Insights. We look forward to continuing […]
We are Hiring! Polaris Sensor Technologies has an international reputation developed through a collaborative team of creative individuals developing novel optical systems. We continually seek various skill sets to support and manage novel optical system developments for commercial and military detection and tracking systems. If you […]