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See What’s Ahead with Pyxis®

When understanding your surroundings is mission-critical, Pyxis® gives you the edge you need.

Pyxis in Action

Whether you need to determine a threat, track moving objects, or identify a target, Pyxis helps you get the job done.

Oil-on-Water Detection
Pyxis can easily detect oil on water, which helps identify leaks quickly and aid in oil spill cleanup. For our complete oil-on-water detection systems, see PODS (pan-tilt unit) and OSCAR (drone system).
Facial Recognition
Pyxis captures polarization-enhanced thermal imagery, giving a higher degree of facial identification accuracy. For our complete facial recognition system, see IRIS.
Acquisition & Tracking
UAS threats are continually evolving and improving, requiring robust counter-UAS methods. To defend against these threats, Polaris uses polarimetric sensing and novel algorithms that improve signal to background ratios for optimal contrast and detection, identification, and tracking performance.
Target Detection
Polarization information captured by Pyxis makes manmade objects stand out against cluttered backgrounds. Pyxis coupled with specialized software provides real-time, polarization-enhanced thermal imagery for the detection of military vehicles and other threats.
Autonomous Navigation
Pyxis makes it easy to distinguish the roadway, obstacles, and other vehicles at a distance. It enables visual odometry, road following, vehicle following, and autonomous landing zone safety for UAS.

Polarization vs. Standard Thermal Imaging

Polarization increases situational awareness, revealing important details that cannot be detected with standard thermal imaging.

road-polarization road-thermal
tank-polarization tank-thermal

The Smallest Thermal Polarimeter (LWIR)

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Enhancing Detection
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Pyxis Partners

"As a force multiplier on the Broadkill Beach spill, OSCAR [a drone system equipped with Pyxis] was able to “clear” HUGE areas in hours instead of weeks. We would have had to assign 40 to 60 personnel for 1 to 2 weeks to search through the same area."
-Onsite Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer
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Polarization-enhanced Imaging

Multi-Modal Sensing & Real-Time Data Fusion

Standard thermal or visible imagery can be viewed independently, or fused images can be formed with polarimetric data. Data fusion captures all the information and displays it in a single image, giving the operator a more intuitive view of the scene. The multi-modal nature of the fused data adds dimensions for AI/ML processing.

Supports ISR Missions and Nighttime Operations

Pyxis can be used continually, day or night, and at long distances to provide mission-critical information about your surroundings. Pyxis is not affected by thermal equilibrium when there is little difference in manmade objects and surrounding temperatures.

Superior Clutter Suppression and Target Detection

A polarization microgrid array integrated into the optical system captures all polarization states simultaneously and makes the system immune to motion artifacts of either the sensor or the scene.

Small, Versatile, and Easy to Use

Compact and Portable

Pyxis is battery-operated, rugged, and weighs about a quarter pound. It is small and sturdy enough to be helmet-mounted or handheld.

For Use on Ground, Sea, and Air Platforms

Pyxis can be used in various environments to increase situational awareness. It can be tailored to meet your specific mission goals.

Allows for Maximum User Control

Both analog and digital outputs are possible with sensor control available through a tablet interface. Users can view data independently or as a fused image with eTherm™.

Technical Specifications

Resources & FAQ

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Pyxis Technical Notes

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Pyxis Applications

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Pyxis is a state-of-the-art handheld polarimetric imager. It captures live polarimetric video, providing enhanced contrast and additional information for various target detection scenarios.

Pyxis uses a pixelated polarizer filter array in conjunction with an uncooled microbolometer to capture polarimetric information.

Pyxis has been used for tasks such as enhancing detection of targets in difficult backgrounds, detecting oil on water surfaces, identifying road edges for autonomous vehicle navigation, and even facial recognition for biometric identification.

In May of 2015, Pyxis captured imagery of an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. The imagery included visible, thermal, degree of linear polarization, and ColorFuse images, showcasing Pyxis’s strong detection capabilities.

Pyxis’s polarization capabilities make it easier to differentiate between the real road edge and thermal shadows. This capability is crucial for autonomous vehicle navigation.

Pyxis has shown promise in non-cooperative biometric identification using uncooled sensors. Its high level of detail in polarimetric imagery allows for improvements in facial recognition without the need for external illumination.

Future work for Pyxis includes improving sensitivity to below 0.3% NeDOLP and expanding the range of available lens options. Additionally, Polaris is exploring new applications and expanding this technology into other parts of the optical spectrum. The recently released HD version of the Pyxis LWIR is the culmination of the last several years of continuous product improvement.

Yes, Pyxis has been ported to Windows-based tablets to facilitate ease of use and mobile data collection, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

Pyxis uses Polaris’ Vega Software framework, which allows for control of the sensor, viewing of raw and processed sensor data, and recording data for future processing. It also provides functionalities for sensor calibration and customization.

Pyxis stands out due to its handheld and rugged design, making it suitable for a wide range of real-world applications. It integrates LWIR, SWIR, or VIS and polarization in a single camera, providing distinct advantages in target detection and visualization.

Your Mission is Our Mission

Polaris is here to help you solve challenging problems with cutting-edge technology. We will design, develop, and manufacture the solution you need to complete your mission.

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