Exploiting the cutting-edge of the Pyxis polarized infrared camera, the Polaris Oil Detection System detects contaminants on water. It outperforms conventional thermal 24/7, even in rough conditions. Using the PODS™ software and user interface, the oil appears red and can be configured to set off automatic alarms when detected.

PODS in Action

The Pyxis has demonstrated robust oil-on-water detection under a wide variety of conditions both in testing and in seep-and-spill scenarios in real-world conditions. The PODS software leverages the robust detection while simultaneously testing each potential alarm against multiple checks in order to eliminate false alarms. This core system can be mounted in a low-cost environmental enclosure, in a certified and intrinsically safe housing, or a certified intrinsically safe pan-tilt unit. The pan-tilt unit provides large area coverage from a single position over a pre-programmed path, optimizing detection in the areas you care about most. Alarms are given on the display and optionally remoted to other locations/devices. The video feed is displayed live for human intervention only when necessary.


Autonomous Monitoring
  • Refineries
  • Processing sites
  • Transfer stations
  • Pipelines (encroaching equipment and pooling leaks)
  • Drilling rigs and platforms
  • Ports and harbors
Oil Spill Response
  • Initial detection
  • Overnight tracking and monitoring
  • Shoreline monitoring
  • Dispersant effectiveness
  • SMART enhancement
  • Mechanical cleanup effectiveness



Polarized Long-Wave Infrared


640 × 512 pixels

FOV (standard lens)

30.4° × 24.6°


505 × 483 × 390  mm



Input Voltage

230VAC (±10%)

Max Power


Data Interface

GigE (Cat5e or higher)

Pan Angle

350° (±175°)

Tilt Angle

180° (±90°)


Explosion-Proof AISI316L electro-polished stainless steel


4 × 11mm on 195mm PCD

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +65°C

PODS™ Lite – The Software Unit

PODS™ Lite uses the same software as PODS, and the software processor is enclosed in a small box. However, it doesn’t have the intrinsically safe pan-tilt unit that PODS has. The system is designed to be used in less demanding environments. This system has the autonomous detection of oil spills but only in one defined area. Pyxis can be placed in an environmental enclosure as shown, but it is not intrinsically safe like PODS.

Pyxis Environmental Enclosure