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For our warfighters, law enforcement, and industry professionals, the ability to see clearly in difficult situations makes the world a safer place.
We’re an innovative sensor company solving imaging problems with cutting-edge technology.
Whether you need to navigate without GPS or see daylight details in the dark, we’re able to determine and develop the solution. We deliver enabling technologies, including custom imaging hardware, advanced materials, and algorithms to help you See More, Know More, and Do More.

Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today

Here’s how our cutting-edge advanced optical imaging and polarization technology can help you gain mission-critical information and a competitive edge.
GPS-Denied Navigation
Wherever the mission, you must be able to navigate safely. With our driftless, spoof-proof celestial navigation system, you can find accurate direction and location without GPS.
Facial Recognition
When security is in question, you must be able to accurately identify a threat. Our facial recognition systems provide daylight detail in the dark and at long ranges. With real-time image processing, our systems quickly and accurately perform cross-spectral face recognition by matching infrared images to existing visible image databases.
Acquisition and Tracking
Our acquisition and tracking systems address demanding applications for low contrast and multiple target scenarios. Our algorithms can track across cluttered backgrounds where conventional tracking methods fail.
Target Detection
To complete your nighttime operation, you need more information about your surroundings than standard imaging can provide. With our target detection system, you can determine anything from disturbed earth to power lines for a successful intelligence, surveillance, or reconnaissance mission.
Oil Spill Detection
It is extremely difficult to distinguish oil or diesel on water. Our novel oil detection systems are used to monitor oil rigs and pipelines, providing immediate alerts if leaks are detected. Our sensors reduce cost and help cut oil-spill cleanup time significantly.
Hypersonic Aero-Optics
When traveling at high speeds, critical technologies are needed to ensure the successful performance of hypersonic weapons. Our team is developing a novel suite of instruments to characterize aero-optical effects at high speeds.
Non-Incendiary Obscurants
Whether you need to block the vision of your adversary or create a fun atmosphere at a concert, you can now deploy smoke without fire.
Enabling Technologies
If there’s a complex imaging problem you need to solve, we’re ready to partner with you to find the solution. We have assembled teams of specialists in the fields of polarimetry, optics, electro-optics, and optomechanical design to help you meet any challenge.
With a talented team utilizing the latest techniques, we deliver innovative solutions that incorporate new and improved system components for a competitive edge.

Harnessing the Power of Polarization

Polarization is a property of light that, when measured, offers more information and detail than can be determined with conventional thermal or visible imagers. The polarization signature of certain objects, such as man-made objects or natural substances that differ from the surrounding background, provides additional contrast in polarization imagery.

By harnessing the power of polarization, our imaging systems can reveal details that greatly increase situational awareness. Our polarization-enhanced sensors and custom image-processing algorithms can be used for defense and security, vehicle automation, GPS-denied navigation, and more.

Polaris Sensor Technologies

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Polarization vs. Standard Thermal Imaging

Polarization increases situational awareness, revealing important details that cannot be detected with standard thermal imaging.

road-polarization road-thermal
tank-polarization tank-thermal

Why Choose Polaris?

Polaris Lab
Leaders in the Industry

Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. is the industry’s leading designer and developer of advanced optical and polarization-based imaging systems.

Reliable Solutions

Applying state-of-the-art techniques, we deliver reliable solutions with a strategic mix of new and improved system components. We’re able to customize deliverables to your specific needs.

Extensive Laboratory in Huntsville, AL

Our extensive laboratory in downtown Huntsville, Alabama, is fully equipped to handle all aspects of optical system design, development, and testing.

Lab to Fab Capabilities

We offer end-to-end product development, from concept to prototype to product. This ensures quality and reliability throughout the entire process.

Faster Research & Development

As a small business, we are able to speed up the R&D process while still offering cutting-edge technology.

Better Value

We design with cost in mind. We make strategic design choices to deliver the highest-quality systems that still are reasonable to manufacture and implement in real-world situations.

Who We Work For

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Resources & FAQ

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Polaris Sensor Technologies specializes in developing cutting-edge optical systems for commercial and military customers. Our expertise includes research and development, optical systems design, testing, algorithm and software development, and PCB design. We offer custom sensor and algorithm solutions in any of the visible, near-, short-, mid-, and long-wave infrared spectral bands.

Polarization technology allows us to extract more information from a scene than traditional sensors. It reveals hidden details in dark or low-contrast environments, providing invaluable insights for various applications, including target acquisition, tracking, and GPS-denied navigation.

At Polaris, we are deeply invested in developing cutting-edge technologies for the success of our customers and our team. We pursue technical excellence while tackling difficult problems to surpass our customers’ expectations. As a woman-owned small business, we bring creativity and diverse thinking to solve complex problems for our customers.

Absolutely! We own the full life cycle of product development, from concept to field validation. We’ll design and build custom hardware and unique software to meet your specific mission objectives.

Polaris’ technology has applications in a wide range of industries, including defense, law enforcement, environmental monitoring, hypersonics, and more. Our sensors and imaging systems can be tailored to various use cases.

We develop high-performance optical systems that provide clear visibility in challenging situations, helping our customers achieve their mission objectives. Our extensive laboratory in Huntsville, AL, allows us to test and validate our systems to meet the highest standards.

Your mission becomes our mission when you work with Polaris. We understand that requirements and conditions can change, so we make it a point to be responsive and flexible in delivering the best solutions for your needs.

Yes, we specialize in GPS-denied navigation solutions. Our expertise in research and development, coupled with cutting-edge technology, enables us to offer practical, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for challenging navigation scenarios.

As industry leaders in custom optical systems design and development, we have decades of experience in algorithm development, software development, and PCB design. Our advanced optical imaging and polarization technology give our clients a competitive edge.

You can reach out to us here to learn more about our technology and discuss how we can help you achieve your mission objectives. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in integrating our technology into your system and provide the support you need.

Your Mission is Our Mission

Whether you need to navigate without GPS or see daylight details in the dark, Polaris is here to help you solve difficult imaging problems with cutting-edge technology. We’ll design, develop and manufacture the solution you need to complete your mission.

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