We are pleased to announce that senior engineers at Polaris and Shell, Dr. David Chenault and Dr. Mahesh Iyer, […]
David Koenitzer has spent 12 years working for the MDA as an expert in trajectory dynamics, […]
Alex Brown is a mechanical engineer who obtained his B.S. from Gonzaga University in 2017 and M.S. […]
At the new year we welcomed John Shearer as our very first Systems Engineer. He is bringing his […]
We are excited to announce that Larry Pezzaniti and Adam Smith were each awarded a Phase I project […]
Polaris is proud of the charitable endeavors of Michele Banish and Ashton Bertrand. Polaris supported these ladies by funding […]
Dr. Saeid Asadzadeh et al. recognized our sensor Pyxis as a state-of-the-art option for environmental monitoring. […]
Polaris would like to welcome Anne-Marie Dorsett who joined our team this week. Anne-Marie is an experienced aero-optics […]
Jacob Walsh obtained his B.S. in Computer Engineering at UAH in 2005 and has been working […]
Ricky recently finished his Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at Auburn University where he also obtained his […]