Jacob Walsh obtained his B.S. in Computer Engineering at UAH in 2005 and has been working […]
Ricky recently finished his Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at Auburn University where he also obtained his […]
Polaris Sensor Technologies will be exhibiting at Clean Waterways and Clean Gulf later this year. Come […]
Congratulations SkyScape! Congratulations to American Aerospace’s SkyScape! We have partnered with them to create an oil […]
We are Hiring! Polaris Sensor Technologies has an international reputation developed through a collaborative team of […]
Emergency Response We Deliver Enhanced Thermal Pyxis on a drone flew three passes overlooked marina wreckage […]
┬áCorvus LWIR Sensor is Featured Polarized thermal light gives soldiers detailed night vision. (MILITARY) David Szondy […]
    Application Example: Far Target Location At long ranges Azimuth Errors have largest contribution to […]